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Freelight diamonds are diamonds, not imitations.

They are born from a highly technological process that reproduces the same phenomenon that creates diamonds in nature.

The Freelight diamond is certified by the main gemological institutes, just like the natural one.

ENG: Chi siamo
ENG: Cursore prodotti

How a Freelight Diamond is born?

The diamond seeds are prepared and placed in a plasma reactor that reproduces the same heat and pressure conditions that occur in nature. The subsequent crystallization of the carbon begins the birth of the diamond, a phase followed and monitored step by step until the optimal formation of the diamond which is now ready to be worked, cut and polished. It is at this point that technologies guided by expert cutters come into play to give the diamond a classy appearance and unique shine.

The final result is a real, accessible, ethical and eco-sustainable diamond. ​

Time to create a carat: 1 Month

The diamond in nature: 1 million years ​

Freelight Diamond is among the first Italian companies to use enhanced diamonds in the creation of its jewels.

ENG: Chi siamo
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A dream to wear, friend of the planet.
Made in Italy 18kt gold jewels

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ENG: Chi siamo

Freelight is committed to respecting the environment and to make its contribution to a more sustainable future, giving emotions through environmentally friendly diamonds. In fact, Freelight is the most authentic expression of an ambitious project: create a dream to wear, friend of the planet.

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